Guemes Island Fireworks Shows

No Fireworks on Guemes Island Please.
Guemes Island Fire Department asks that you please do not use fireworks.

Please, no fireworks on Guemes Island. Do not release Sky Lanterns, they are illegal. If a fire was to start it could get out of control quickly. The other thing to keep in mind is if you start a fire by using fireworks, it could get very costly for you.

Have a safe and fantastic fourth of July.

Guemes Island Parade: Details

Guemes Island does not have a public fireworks display.

Below is a list of public fireworks shows in the surrounding area. Fire Protection Bureau has not updated this list in a while. Please use links to verify details of any firework shows.

There are many great places close to Guemes Island to watch public fireworks displays. If you are on the Island there would be a very good possibility you will miss the last ferry. It would be best that if you are staying or camping on Guemes Island you stay on Guemes Island. There are some great events going on and you can see some of the public displays from the shoreline.

Here is a list of the public fireworks shows provided by the Skagit County Fire Marshal’s office.

fireworks shows 2015