Guemes Island Weather

Kellys Point Sunset

Kelly’s Point Sunset © Chris LeBoutillier 


Guemes Island’s weather overall is somewhat mild. It’s a location within the banana belt of the Pacific Northwest and the beautiful Olympic Mountains create a rain shadow. Guemes Island has mild winters, an extended spring, and fantastic summer months. July and August are the warmest with an average temperature in the mid-70s. The wettest months are November and December with an average rainfall of 3.8″. Knowing from experience with my job which requires working outside all year, there is overall a great number of days the winter weather is not too bad. However, it does get a bit windy in the wintertime!

Could be a great day to go for a hike on the Guemes Mountain Trail.

There are many options on this Guemes Island Weather information center. By clicking in the upper right corner on the umbrella you can select more information like winds, temperature, clouds, water conditions, CO  concentration, and pressure. The lower section showing the hourly forecast you can slide it to the left or right to see what is the weather is coming later in the week.