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Pokemon Go Guemes Island

Pokemon Go Guemes Island edition for Pokestop locations and the Gym, as well as hints. As has been stated many times by Pokemon Go, respect others and DO NOT TRESPASS! It is very important when Pokemon hunting on Guemes Island that you keep aware of your surroundings. Guemes Island is a very busy place; There are cars, bikes, joggers, horses and other things besides Pokemon exploring the island. So PLEASE be safe and have fun. 

Guemes Island Store

1: Old Man Anderson at the Guemes Island Store

The Anderson’s General Store is under new ownership at this time. They are still working on being open full time and ready for full service. You can get more information here at the Guemes Island Store. It is currently a restaurant and bar with a few items in the fridges located in the back of the store. It is a great place to rest when hunting for Pokemon. We have found several hot spots for getting Pokemon close to the store, ferry, and parking lots. If you find yourself waiting for the next trip on the ferry you’re in luck. There are many close spots to hunt and one very close Pokestop. If you have kids on the hunt keep a close eye on them. There is a lot of traffic moving about in this zone!

Guemes Church Pokemon Gym Guemes Island

2: Gym at Guemes Church

The Guemes Island Church is the only Pokemon Gym on Guemes Island at this time. The church has a small parking lot that is shared with the Guemes Island Community Center. There is additional parking to the north side of the Community Center. This location is next to Guemes Island Road and at times can be very busy. The Pokestop is next door at the Guemes Island Community Center. There is a small labyrinth between the Church and Community Center. 

Guemes Island Community Center

3: Guemes Island Community Center

The Guemes Island Community Center is a Pokestop. There is a parking area to the north of the building. This location is next to Guemes Island Road and at times can get very busy. 

Schoolhouse Park Guemes

4: Schoolhouse Park

The Schoolhouse Park is a great place to Pokemon hunt. There is an outhouse, picnic tables, playground, and a basketball/tennis court. Kids can have a fun time here hunting and it has two Pokestops. This would be an ideal place to set a module and have a picnic while you wait for your Pokemon. There are two parking areas with one to the north and the other to the west.


5: Maple Leaf Sculpture at Schoolhouse Park

Guemes Cemetery

6: Guemes Cemetery

The Guemes Island Cemetery has a Pokestop at the entrance pillars. We have not found there to be any Pokemon running around in this area. Please respect the departed and do not disturb any gravesites. 

Young's Park at Guemes Island Resort

7: Young’s Park at Guemes Island Resort

The Young’s Park is another great place to hang out and hunt for Pokemon. There are picnic tables and barbecue pits for you to use. Of all the Pokemon hunting places this is probably the safest place from traffic. There is beach access and is next to Guemes Island Resort. The resort has a small store with some items you can purchase as well as Dig’s Food Truck. 

Seaway Hollow Totem Pole

8: Private Drive/Off-limits – Seaway Hollow Totem Pole

This location is on private property and should not be used. Pokemon Go has been contacted to remove this from the game. The county road ends prior to this Pokestop. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

NianticOpsHarry (Pokémon GO)
Aug 2, 02:52 MST
Thank you for the report. We have removed the PokéStop/Gym in question. You should see these changes reflected soon.

Guemes Mountain Trail9: Guemes Mountain Trail

The Guemes Moutain Trail’s Pokestop is a little way up the trail; it can not be reached from the road. The parking here is very limited at this time. It is best to walk or bike to this location from the Guemes Island Ferry. It’s a great place to hike and get an awesome view. Click the link above for more information. 


How to get Pikachu as your first Pokémon:
When the first three Pokémon pop-up, walk away in any direction until they disappear and reappear around you. Walk away again in any direction until they disappear again and reappear around you. Continue to do this until Pikachu joins the other three and tap on him. Once he appears, throw your Pokéball at him and you have caught yourself Pikachu!

Higher chance of keeping your Pokémon in the ball:
You have a higher chance at keeping your Pokémon within your Pokéball when the constricting circle is at its smallest when you throw your ball.

Rustling leaves on the map:
If you see leaves blowing around at certain points on your map this means that there is a high chance there are Pokémon lurking and it is worth heading over there.

-Pokéstops regenerate every 5 minutes
-A module can be placed at any Pokéstop and will lure Pokémon to you and other players for 30 minutes. If you see petals falling around the Pokéstop icon then that means there is a module currently in place.   

Time of Day:
Different Pokémon come out at different times during the day and night. Pokemon such as Gastly and Haunter are found lurking around late at night. 

Turn off AR:
Turning off augmented reality (AR) makes it much easier to catch your Pokémon. Instead of seeing Pokémon in the world around you, you’ll get a generic background and your Pokémon will be centered making it much easier to hit with your Pokéball. This also helps save battery life!

What indicates rarity? :
Rarity is indicated by the color of the rings displayed over the Pokémon when you go to catch them. 

Green = Easy to catch and common rarity 
Orange = More difficult to catch and rarer to find
Red = Very difficult to catch and very rare

Catching a Rare Made Easier:
To make it easier to catch a rare and to keep the Pokémon in your ball, be sure to use Razzberries combined with Great Balls. To access these, when going to catch your Pokémon, tap your bag icon and there you will find both the Razzberries and Great Balls.

Getting Pikachu Gold:
-Pikachu gold can be obtained from being parked at a Gym. For each Gym, you are at you get 10 gold coins and 500 stardust. You can only obtain these rewards every 20 hours.
-Or you can spend real money and purchase Pikachu gold at the 
in-game store.

Hatching Eggs:
-There are three different distances for eggs that you must walk; 2km, 5km, 10km
-The higher the distance, the rarer the Pokémon.
-Pokémon Go must be open for the app to record your distance
-It is said that you must be going under 12MPH to have the app count your distance, so driving does not work for egg hatching.

Pokémon and Driving:
-Don’t Pokémon and drive! If you are a passenger, then go for it!
-Catching Pokémon while going at high speeds doesn’t always pan out. If you are moving too quickly (40MPH+) your Pokémon will break out and run away. You can take the risk but I wouldn’t waste your Pokéballs.  

How to get the preferred Eevee evolution:
You are able to force what your Eevee will evolve to. To have this happen you need to rename your Eevee before you evolve it. Go to the Eevee you want to evolve in your Pokémon list, hit the pen icon next to its name, and then rename it according to the Eeveelution you want (see below). Quit out of the app and restart it, just to make sure the name is registered with the Pokémon Go servers, and then evolve your Eevee. 

Rainer = Vaporean
Sparky = Jolteon
Pyro = Flareon