Guemes Ferry Update

Guemes FerryGuemes Ferry Update


Guemes Ferry Update This is the third week of the ferry haul-out, and I wanted to give everyone an update.  Things are going well at Lake Union Drydock, and so far, the work is progressing on schedule.  The US Coast Guard came out for their initial inspection on September 30.  A couple of issues were brought up, but overall, the inspection went well.  The minor repairs required are not expected to delay the schedule.  The inspectors have been on site several times as they have needed to witness the work at different stages.


The starboard bilge plate work is 90% complete.  The underwater hull has been sandblasted, and UT shots have been taken (the preliminary hull UT report indicates that everything looks great).  With the new plate in place, work to paint the hull will begin today and should be completed by Tuesday, October 20.  The new keel coolers will be installed in the next day or two.


The bilge/fire piping replacement that was originally included in the contract is underway, with the fire piping replacement in voids #6 and #7 at 75% complete.  The fire piping being replaced this year is remaining from what wasn’t done last year.  The bilge piping in voids #2 though #5 is also being replaced; this work was originally scheduled in the contract.  Some of the ballast vent piping requires replacement as well.  We anticipated the fire/bilge piping work; however, the ballast vent piping is new work that was the result of some low UT readings that we found.  However, there was an additional line item in the contract for unanticipated repairs, and this work is not expected to delay the schedule or the overall cost of the project.


Cummins has been on site working on the main engines; they are performing tune-ups, installing new fuel pumps and water pumps, and updating the software for the controls.  The generator will be serviced as well by a CAT technician.  All hydraulic fluid and coolant from the systems will be drained, flushed and replaced with new.  All systems will be pressure tested to the satisfaction of the US Coast Guard upon completion.


The #2 outdrive unit is being overhauled right now; this unit will be re-installed upon completion.  This work is progressing on schedule.  The #1 outdrive is being replaced with a spare unit that is currently on the vessel’s deck waiting to be installed.  The propellers are out for service, and they are 75% complete.  Some modifications are being made to one of the outdrive pins and to one of the mounting brackets on the hull; this work was also anticipated and should not hold up the schedule.


As far as other work is concerned, the vessel will receive two new fire pumps, two new hydraulic steering pumps, and two recently overhauled transmissions.  Work in the voids will include cleaning and touch-up painting, with Voids #4 and #5 being painted completely. The ballast tanks will also receive touch-up prep and paint.  The fuel tanks are being drained today; they will get stripped, cleaned and inspected.  The anchor chain and wire will be renewed, the aluminum anodes will all be replaced, and some work will be done to the generator cooling hoses and piping.


There is a lot of work being done during this haul-out.  Lake Union Drydock has been great to work with.  As of today, we are on schedule with everything.  The plan, subject to change, is to re-float the vessel on Thursday, October 22.  Dock and Sea Trials are scheduled for Friday and Saturday, October 23 and 24, with delivery to Anacortes on Sunday, October 25.  The vessel is currently scheduled to go back in to service Monday, October 26, at 0630.


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