Dog Woods

Dog Woods of Guemes

Dog Woods of Guemes

Dog Woods is within the Guemes Island Wildlife Corridor, a network of protected lands that extend across the southern half of the island that is a collaborative effort of the Skagit Land Trust and Dog Woods, to be forever conserved as a nature preserve.

Land Protected: 120 acres
Hiking Trails: 3 mile
Elevation Gain: 20 feet
Difficulty: Very Easy


The Dog Woods has a very diverse area containing forest, wetlands, and grasslands. There are great trails that wind throughout the forested area, there are twelve native tree species that grow along the trails:
* Douglas Fir
* Douglas Maple
* Western Redcedar
* Western Hemlock
* Bigleaf Maple
* Scouler’s Willow
* Red Alder
* Bitter Cherry
* Grand Fir
* Black Cottonwood
* Paper Birch
* Sitka Spruce


Dog Woods of Guemes
Barred Owl of Dog Woods MORE IMAGES

This area is well protected and is an excellent place for many species like warblers, snipe, rails, red-winged blackbird hummingbirds, and cedar waxwing. In the forest area, you can enjoy eagles, falcons, owls, flickers, and pileated woodpeckers. Bring your binoculars or camera and spend an eventful day birding.


Dog Woods is an active corridor for deer and coyotes to transition to the Guemes Mountain area. You can often spot them in the early mornings and late afternoons. 


How to get to Dog Woods, once you have crossed over to Guemes via the Guemes Island Ferry Head north on Guemes Island Rd take a left onto South Shore Dr, stay on South Shore Dr it will make a right, and turn into West Shore Drive you will see the Dog Woods sign on the right. The parking area is very limited, would be best to ride your bike or walk from the ferry.  

Dog Woods of Guemes

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The Hobbit Hollow on the LeMieux Loop (c) Chris LeBoutillier

Hiding of Guemes Island Painted Rocks

Guemes Island Rock Stars

Painted rocks can only be hidden along the designated loop trail in the Dog Woods. Please DO NOT hide or seek painted rocks anywhere off the trail, including along the old logging roads.

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